Demokratiserar tekniken

Kan inte undanhålla dig några bra citat om Hallonpajen och ett par bra länkar

Belinda Parmar:The Raspberry Pi is democratising technology. For the first time we have a ‘teaching computer’ sold at pocket money prices which runs much the same kind of software (Linux) as high-end corporate clusters.
Girls can learn a set of skills on an Raspberry Pi and go and get a job with these exact same skills at some of the world’s most prestigious businesses.

David Braben: ”Technology is not a magical alien thing. An iPad is incredible but how it does what it does is hidden from you. There is a magic when you realise ‘I can do that magic’.”

Dr Gray Girling: ”When Windows arrived, you couldn’t have seen a more dramatic change. You are not expected to do anything, you are a consumer of someone else’s programs and you’re not encouraged to make the computer do anything yourself. We have really lost an opportunity with an entire generation.”